Alisha Barr receives the Guiding Star Award

Alisha Barr receives the Guiding Star Award

Poacher International Jamboree 2013

Alisha Barr a Leader with 2nd Ashby Brownies was recently presented with a Guiding Star Award from Jill Webb Region Chief Commissioner. She completed her First Response qualification as a Leader in Training last year. When she was one of the first people on the scene of a car accident near Scunthorpe this training proved invaluable when one of the casualties, a gentleman who had been riding a bicycle, was found to be in a critical condition.

Alisha managed the situation and provided emergency first aid to the cyclist. Humberside Police, who attended the scene, praised Alisha for managing the harrowing situation in a calm manner, and for being able to provide emergency support.

Clearly, Alisha showed initiative and courage using the skills that she had learned while completing her Leadership Qualification.


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